Welcome to Rightward Gamers, the gaming news, analysis, and opinion site that offers a different perspective than most other video game sites. The creation of this site was inspired by the recent events which caused gamers to doubt the impartiality of the video game journalists they rely on for their news about the industry. Whether or not the concerns about journalistic ethics were justified, one thing has become clear through all of this: there is a distinct lack of diversity in the views presented by the gaming media.

These days, politics have found their way into every area of life, and video games are no exception. In recent years especially, there has been a big increase in the number of articles on gaming news sites that bring mainstream cultural and political issues into the world of video games. Like most of the wider media, these articles are almost always written from a left wing perspective.

The founders of Rightward Gamers, Joe and Mike, are both lifelong dedicated gamers and both have a libertarian-conservative view of the world. Both also have experience in the political arena and advanced degrees in that field. Our goal is to present information and opinions on video games from a different point of view, and our commitment is the highest standards of transparency and quality of content.

Contact us at info@rightwardgamers.com or @RightwardGamers.

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