PS4 Update 2.01 to Fix Rest Mode Problems

Since PlayStation 4’s software version 2.0 went live last week, there have been a number of complaints regarding the PS4 not waking up out of “Rest Mode.” Last night, the good news was announced that PlayStation is bringing update 2.01 online to fix these issues (see the tweet below). Hopefully the update puts the issue to…rest…

PS Tweet 2.0.1

DriveClub Free PS+ Version Postponed Indefinitely

Driveclub 7

Over the last few weeks, we’ve posted a fair amount of information on the PS4 exclusive racing game, DriveClub, including information on its server issues and free edition postponement, and our review of the game.  Sadly, a short time ago, Evolution Studios announced on Facebook that the free PS+ version of DriveClub will be postponed “until further notice.” Continue reading